Vollume Control

Create In The Studio.
Play Everywhere.

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Vollume Control is a media manager designed to make music collaboration easy for professional musicians, artists & Industry Pros, with powerful features that are accessible to everyone. With an extensive collection of tools for sharing and syncing music,backup & archive, commenting, and so much more, it’s the only music manager you’ll need.


Built for music creators to collaborate.

Leave comments on songs, share playlists, manage collaborator permissions and share private links. Vollume control is the best way to collaborate on music projects.

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Collaborate with your team and receive activity notifications about comments, uploads, invites & more - stay in sync and connected wherever you are.

Share songs, samples and project files with your collaborators quickly. Create private links, promote team members and manage viewer permissions easily.

D.A.W. Compatible

Every, single D.A.W.

Whether you work in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Bitwig Studio or any other D.A.W. you can import and export files to and from Vollume Control.

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Share samples from a new project with your team instantly just by dragging your samples from your D.A.W. into a shared Vollume Control playlist.

All your devices are synced, which means, your songs and samples are always on the right computer. Drag audio files from Vollume Control into your D.A.W. projects, anytime, anywhere.


No more nonsense.

You can put those sync cables & usb sticks in the trash. No more insecurely emailing songs, or losing files. Vollume Control automatically backs up and syncs all your music.

See the status of each track to better understand when music is available to stream, play offline or export to other applications.

Create music on one Mac, sync your sounds, and continue creating on another. With Vollume control It’s easy to start a project on the go, and complete it in the studio.


Your music, whenever, wherever.

No Internet? no problem. With offline playback, you always have access to your music. Select specific playlists to download, or use AutoSync™ to automatically download and save your songs.

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Backup & Store

Back it up, back it up, back it up.

Never worry about looking for that lost hard drive, with that obscure backing vocal, from that one song you did, like... 10 years ago. Vollume Control securely backs up and archives all your songs, and with powerful search, tags and filters, accessing your music is quick and easy.

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With Vollume Control, all your files are secured with 128Bit AES Encryption. No more sending songs by email, only to hear them on “IStoleYourAlbumMP3.com” the next day.

Archive your tracks, sounds and other important files and never lose them again. Vollume Control is the best solution to safeguard your creativity.

MacOS, iOS, Android...
We’ve got you covered.

Get the Vollume Control apps for MacOS, iOS and Android, and take your music anywhere you go. You can also import and export files directly from the mobile apps, so you can be creative no matter where you are.


Is Vollume Control available on Windows?

Unfortunately, our desktop verson is only available on MacOS at the moment, however, we plan to support the Windows OS in the future.

Is Vollume Control supported on MacOS Catalina?

Yes, it’s compatible with the latest MacOS version. It is also fully backwads compatible with MacOS Mojave & MacOS High Sierra.

What are the supported audio formats for Vollume Control?

Vollume control supports the majority of widely used audio formats, both compressed and lossless. This includes WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, AAC, MP3, M4A/MP4

How much does Vollume Control cost?

Try it for free right now, then you can choose the best plan for you.